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Study shows just how terrible companies like Facebook and Google are at telling you how they use your data.

“Yes,” said Zuckerberg, despite the fact it’s been the subject of lawsuits and is buried in Facebook’s own user policies. (In fairness, his team did follow up on this question in a post on the company’s “Hard Questions” blog , and has since updated its privacy policy and ad settings to make them easier to navigate.) But, once again, Facebook wasn’t the only internet or mobile company that lacked clear disclosure about whether and how they track users across the internet. Ten other internet and mobile systems that we evaluated in our ranking—including Google, Microsoft, and Twitter—either said little about these tracking policies or provided no information at all. Only Apple clearly stated that it does not track users on third-party websites. Ranking Digital Rights’ evaluation of company disclosure if, how, and why internet and mobile ecosystem companies track users on third-party websites using tracking tools. These results should come as no surprise to rights groups and experts, many who have warned of the privacy and human rights risks posed by surveillance capitalism, a goliath industry of monetizing user data that has flourished with little oversight, accountability, or public awareness. Many of world’s most powerful companies—including Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft—rely on this advertising-based revenue model to varying degrees. For those who haven’t had the time to read the legaled-up language of every single privacy policy we encounter (which, considering Carnegie Mellon researchers estimated it would take the average user the equivalent of 76 work days per year to do , is most of us), and even for people like me who do it for a living and still find disclosure gaps, the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica scandal managed to shed a bit of light on the otherwise obscure relationships between some tech companies and advertisers. But it only exposed a sliver of the harm and potential harm wrought by the opaque profit-over-privacy business model that continues to dominate tech. In the U.S., calls for tougher regulations are growing louder. Policymakers and the public seem fed up waiting for tech companies to rein themselves in. Yet even in the European Union, often looked to as a model for the stricter data protection rules it imposes on companies, EU-based telecommunications companies measured still lack transparency about key policies affecting users’ privacy, as our index shows.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://slate.com/technology/2018/04/study-shows-just-how-terrible-companies-like-facebook-and-google-are-at-telling-you-how-they-use-your-data.html

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